We’ve created these free resources to help you manage your business more effectively. They include tips and advice on your obligations as a business, as well as some standard templates for documents you may need to help manage your internal processes.

General Resources

These resources are relevant to just about any UK business.

  • Free Guide to Cyber Crime for UK Businesses – This free guide explains how big a risk Cyber Crime is, how to reduce your risks and what to do in the event of a cyber incident.
  • 2013-14 Updated HSE Health and Safety Statistics – The latest statistics from the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on accidents involving UK companies and employees.
  • The 4 Components of Risk Management – Insurance should act as a last resort – it’s important to still examine your systems and processes to help minimise the risk of an incident in the first place. This simple framework explains the basic components of Risk Management and how you can manage your business’s risks better.
  • Insurance Needs for Start-Ups – A simple guide to the insurances you need – and what each one covers – when starting a new business.

Resources for Landlords and Property Owners

If you occupy your own premises, or rent them to a Third Party, these resources can help you ensure you understand your obligations and could help reduce the risk of a claim.

  • Protecting Unoccupied Properties – In a difficult economy, you could find yourself with unoccupied properties on your hands. This guide explains some simple steps that you can take to help reduce your risks of a claim.
  • Securing Commercial Premises – This simple checklist explains the many steps that you can take to secure your commercial premises. Whether you occupy the premises yourself, or rent them to a third party, security is an important consideration.
  • Residential Landlord Responsibilities – Explains your obligations as a landlord when renting a residential property.
  • Gas Safety in Residential Properties – Your specific obligations in respect of gas safety in a residential property.

Resources for Company Drivers

If your employees drive vehicles on business – even if they only use their own vehicles – these resources will help you understand and manage your risks better.

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Reporting Procedures – Motor Accidents can be stressful, but it’s important to handle and report the situation correctly. This guide explains what needs to be done in the event of an accident, and can be issued to all staff who drive on business.
  • Driver Qualification File Checklist – If you employ full-time and/or specialist drivers (eg HGV, Hazchem etc), this template document can be used for annual checks on their licence and qualifications.
  • Driver Warning Notice – If you need to issue a formal warning to any drivers, this template document helps you to formalise the nature of the warning and obtain the driver’s acknowledgement of the warning for your records.
  • Driver Information Form – This template document lets you record the hours of any full-time drivers to ensure that you meet the relevant regulations.
  • Safety Spotlight – Recognising Driver Fatigue – This factsheet helps you and your drivers to recognise the early signs of driver fatigue, which is a contributing factor in many accidents.
  • Preventing Fleet Fraud – Fraudulent Motor Insurance claims can be very costly and complex. This factsheet explains how to manage your processes to help minimise the risk of such claims.