Townends AccountantsMany of our insurance clients have come via recommendation from Townends Chartered Accountants. As joint-venture partners, we work closely together to ensure that we offer professional advice and value that’s on a par with what they’ve come to expect from Townends.

Here, we explain the nature of the relationship between the two businesses and how we work together for the benefit of our mutual clients.

What is JMG Townends?

JMG Townends is an insurance broker. We focus primarily on business insurance, but also offer personal insurance – mainly for the directors and senior managers of our business clients – to clients mainly located in the North of England. We are a joint-venture between Townends Chartered Accountants, which was established over 100 years ago, and JM Glendinning Insurance Brokers, a Top-75 UK Insurance Broker, established since 1972.

JMG Townends was established in 2014 to provide a name that was recognisable to clients of Townends, whilst also benefiting from the buying power and relationships with insurers, that come with being part of a large insurance broking group.

Do you only work with clients of Townends Accountants?

No, we work with many local businesses. However, being part of the Townends ‘family’ means that we’re very well-placed to help their clients find an insurance package that provides good value all round. The accounting and insurance businesses have a common interest in helping clients make their businesses sustainable, and protecting their long-term interests. Both Townends and JM Glendinning know what it takes to grow a stable, secure business having done so themselves over the years.

Part of the role of the accounting business is to ensure that their clients are receiving fair value for the services they buy, without cutting corners or taking unnecessary risks, so an insurance business was a logical extension of this role.

How are JMG Townends and Townends Accountants connected?

As part of the same group, the two businesses work closely together. However, we will only start working with a client on their business insurance, if they feel that it could benefit their business. Whilst most of them are established businesses with an existing broker in place, a company’s risks can change over time as it grows and diversifies, and it is important to ensure that their insurance is still fit for purpose.

To find out more about JMG Townends and how we could help you find the right insurance for your business, call us on 01904 593439 or contact us through the website.